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Doulas & The Law 

Exploring Legal Concerns & Mitigating Your Liability

Jacki Barker

Jacki Barker Mother, Midwife, Doula, We Birth Co - Founder and Educator

Jennifer Hazi

Jennifer Hazi Mother, Registered Midwife, Doula, Childbirth Educator and We Birth Co-Founder 

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Doulas and the law

In This Australia First "Doulas & The Law" Lecture We Will...

  • Help you better navigate the legal concerns and responsibilities of your practice, with up-to-date and reliable legal information specifically for doulas. 
  • Address common misconceptions around law and liability relating to doulas.
  • Explain the importance of having knowledge around emergency situations and how that knowledge can protect the safety of women and babies, and liability of doulas.
  • Cover common civil and criminal concerns for doulas.
  • Recall limitations around contracts and what this mean for you.
  • Define limitations in insurance cover in Australia and how this affect a doulas legal rights.
  • Help you understand activities constituting restricted birthing practice in relation to scope of practice.

If you want to advance your skills, knowledge and value as a doula, and be confident about your legal rights and responsibilities, then this training is exactly what you've been looking for. Come join our worldwide community of doulas for this and many other free lectures we will be holding over the coming months.