I’ve attended some fabulous workshops with Jen (doula turned midwife) and Jacki (midwife turned doula). They’ve opened the floor to great discussion and provided a lovely forum for other doulas and birth workers to connect. Providing a space for ongoing education helps keep us at the top of our game, inspiring thought-provoking topics to really raise the bar and level of service we can offer. I highly recommend participating in these workshops, webinars and meetings. Thank you

Amanda Bernstein

Jen and Jacki have created some fantastic courses and resources for birth workers. This is all about creating a better experience for birthing women and a better working relationship for doulas with midwives and OBs. The more knowledge we all have, the more empowered we are. Love your work ladies.

Brita Golsby-Smith

What a valuable resource for Doula’s and birth workers alike. Really appreciate all the support and input We Birth has provided and the wonderful community it’s growing!

Yosefa Friedman

We Birth has provided me a lot of extra tools and knowledge that only make me a far better doula. In addition to the face to face catch ups that have been priceless, the ongoing mentoring from both Jen and Jackie has been invaluable. We Birth is an amazing resource!

Ellen Turchini

I went to the last event in Killara- it was all about working together as Doulas, Birth workers and Midwives. The group was so supportive knowledgeable and full of wisdom and resources. Such an awesome group of women.Loved every second can’t wait till the next one xx

Amelia Parkinson