In this lecture, you will begin to understand some of the wider implications of immigration policy and how it affects health access for women from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

You will also increase your knowledge of the social circumstances many women experience prior to coming to Australia and how this impacts their interaction with the health system.

This lecture is hosted by Rebecca Bartlett.

Beccah is passionate about reducing health disparities in underserved communities and promoting respectful maternity care, Beccah is a Registered Nurse-Midwife and the founder of Shifra, a digital health tech company designed to improve reproductive health access for refugee and migrant populations. She also currently works for Birth For Humankind.

We recommend keeping notes as you watch and welcome your thoughts, questions and discussion below.

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We hope you enjoyed this lecture on working with refugee and migrant communities. We at We Birth are excited about bringing doula care to women who are culturally and linguistically diverse as well as socially and economically disadvantaged and welcome any of your thoughts and questions in our facebook group.

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