tempImageForSave (2)Nadine Fragosa, or Nads as most of her friends call her, is based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. She was born in Australia into an Italian family but says “some people think I’m English.” She thinks it’s because she learned to pronounce words clearly having lived in London for 12 years.

Having worked in media and radio for many years, Nads says she enjoyed herself but that she wanted to spend her time really making a positive impact on people’s lives. In 2006, after the birth of her first child, Nads became a doula. She likes to think of her change in career as a mid-life awakening.

Nads has been a doula in London and Sydney for over 10 years and has supported clients, friends and other doulas to have their babies at home and in hospital.

Her greatest influences have been her teachers, Maddie and Linda from Developing Doulas in the UK, Michel Odent, her mentor, Bridget Baker, and the many women who have invited her into their families as their doula.

As a doula mentor, she wants to support you to be a strong and loving doula, who nurtures mothers to have positive birth experiences.

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