Who we are:

Experienced Doulas and Midwives positively passionate about the vital role that Doulas and birth workers play in providing safe and effective care.

Mission statement:

Provide and promote quality and continuous education and support for doulas and birth workers. Bridging the gaps between Doulas, perinatal health teams and the wider community.

Vision statement:

  • Provide & support strong social & professional networks for all doulas and birth workers.
    • Empower our members with a knowledge base that evolves to meet their increasing needs.
    • Create interesting and engaging education for our members and the wider community
    • We value professional and holistic development of doulas and birth workers. We aim to assist with their personal growth, confidence and professional practice.
    • Our belief is that through achieving these goals, the care, experience and birth outcomes childbearing women and their families will greatly improve.

What we believe:

We understand the value doulas and birth workers have on the experience and outcomes of the women & families who employ them.

We aim to connect, encourage and educate doulas, birth workers and the wider community for the continued improvement of care and experiences surrounding fertility, parturition and motherhood to childbearing women and their communities.

We do this by engaging birth workers, professionals, women to reflect on their practice and provide continued learning based on their self-reported needs and those of the community.

Due to the gloriously diverse nature of services offered by doulas and birth workers, It can be difficult to say exactly what a doula does and where exactly her scope of practice lies. However, the doula and birth worker does not provide medical care or advice specific to the woman even if she is has been trained to do so in a different capacity.

We recognise the incredible variety of families and strive to provide information on the fertility, childbearing and parenting needs of families that are CALD, LGBTI & gender diverse, structured in both traditional and non-traditional structures. We actively seek input from diverse communities on how to better serve them.

Doulas and birth workers do not need to be accepted by the medical mainstream to work well with birthing women and their families. However, mutually respectful relationships between doulas & birth workers and the medical staff will have a greater impact on the care given to childbearing women and their communities.

We understand Doulas and Birth workers at present sit in a difficult space when birth takes place in an institutional setting and with its unique challenges there also lies an extraordinary potential for positive impact

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