DevorahDevorah’s journey into doula work began in her teens when she was privileged to witness her own mother give birth to her youngest brother. Having seen birth in its natural and uninterrupted state, sparked a yearning to help women as they journey into motherhood.

After the birth of her first child, Devorah began her studies at the International College of Spiritual Midwifery and then continued with Rhea Dempsey’s Birthing Wisdom course. Devorah also completed the Childbirth Education Training through the Royal Women’s Hospital. Over the years, Devorah has learned how to juggle the role of birth worker with the role of mum as she raises her 6 children.

Devorah has supported women for 13 years, offering childbirth preparation, birth support, and postnatal family support. She has been privileged to support the same women multiple times as they welcome their next new baby into the family.

Devorah has worked with women with a wide range of birth experiences and is devoted to ensuring they are supported both in their birth choices and in how their birth story unfolds. Her ability to genuinely listen to and validate each woman’s needs, helps women feel respected, valued and supported. She reveres motherhood as a life-changing rite of passage and knows empathy during this time can profoundly change the perspective of those involved in the birth process.

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