Claire WybornClaire has been an active and passionate doula since 2008.  Claire believes in order to give quality care to her clients, it is important for her to maintain her own self-development and continuous education.  Claire has 3 adult children. Her own birth experiences have taught her valuable lessons that have assisted her to support women without judgement and with lots of love and care.

Claire supports women in the antenatal and  postnatal period and believes that good support lays a great foundation for new families to build on.  She believes being a doula has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life.

As a doula, Claire supports women to understand how amazing their bodies are. She enjoys the experience of working with women during the birth of their babies. This is especially so, when women feel they have choices and are heard during their perinatal care.

Claire is a Lamaze Childbirth Educator and incorporates their principles into the support she gives with her birthing couples. She provides balanced and positive information for her clients to make informed decisions.  At times when difficult decisions need to be made, Claire ensures that respectfully produced evidence-based information is available when consent is required.

Claire works closely with other doulas in Melbourne, and she volunteers for an organisation called ‘Birth for Humankind.’ This incredible organisation supports asylum seekers, refugees, teenagers, homeless and disadvantaged women.

Claire believes that birth is such a transformative experience in every woman’s life and that to have loving support surrounding this period, affects the transition into their new role as a mother.

Claire feels that it is essential for new doulas who have completed their training to have someone to guide and support them in the initial stages of commencing their business.  She looks forward to working with mentees and discovering their talents and passions. She is keen to encourage them to have confidence and belief in their own abilities.


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