kelly.pngKelly has been a birth and postnatal doula for 6 years. Training with many organisations, she began her studies with a left brain, evidence-based approach, which DONA International supports and she combined this with a right brain training approach found in courses like Birthing From Within and Soundbirth. It is this beautiful balance of training which Kelly brings to each couple who ask her to act as their doula.

Kelly is a strong believer in the importance of preparing the whole family for birth. Her training with Elle Taylor, which led her to qualify as a Becoming Us Facilitator, allows her to help couples focus on the importance of strengthening the parental bond, both before and after birth.

Until recently, Kelly was the Beer and Bubs Presenter for Perth, providing childbirth education at the pub for dads.

Kelly lives with her fiancé and 2 children in Perth’s south. She believes that doulas need to support and empower each other. Empowered doulas lead to better birth support and positive birth outcomes for more families.

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