In this, doulas and the law, lecture we will:

  • Help you better navigate the legal concerns and responsibilities of your practice, with up-to-date and reliable legal information specifically for doulas.
  • Address common misconceptions about law and liability relating to doulas.
  • Explain the importance of having knowledge around emergency situations and how that knowledge can protect the safety of women and babies, and liability of doulas.
  • Cover common civil and criminal concerns for doulas.
  • Recall limitations around contracts and what this means for you.
  • Define limitations in insurance coverage in Australia and how this affects a doulas legal rights.
  • Help you understand activities constituting restricted birthing practice in relation to the scope of practice.



We hope you enjoyed the information and discussion on Doulas and the law

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  • Better understand the ethical, legal and professional role of the doula in an obstetric emergency

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