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Become A Part Of Our Doula Mentorship Program 2018-19

Providing new graduate doulas with the real life mentorship, 24/7 support, education and business skills to...

  • Advance your knowledge and skill 
  • Attract new clients consistently
  • Become a part of our thriving, active community of doulas
  • Become more confident, valued and respected
  • Avoid common new doula mistakes  
  • Fast track your way to a successful doula business

Is Our Mentorship Program Right For You?

If you have recently graduated as a doula or have been a doula for some time but want more 1-on-1 support, advanced training, and business skills to guide you on your journey, and create the successful business and lifestyle you want from your doula business, then this program is for you... 

As Part Of The We Birth Mentorship Program You'll Receive:

  • Ongoing 1-on-1 support with your dedicated mentor. All our mentors are handpicked based on their vast experience and passion for helping new doulas. Every mentor has successfully built their own doula business and are respected throughout the birth community as educators, speakers and experts.
  • Membership into the We Birth Doula community. This supportive community of passionate doulas is a place where you are never alone. You can ask questions, tell stories and get honest, caring feedback from other group members and birth professionals. You can also meet other doulas to network, support and help grow each other's businesses.  
  • Advanced Doula Training. As a member of our mentorship program you gain access to our full library of advanced doula training and will be mentored throughout the program to ensure successful completion of all training modules.  
  • Included training and courses focus on Breastfeeding, Emergencies In Childbearing, Working Within the Medical System, Nutrition, Herbal and Naturopathic Remedies, Yin Yoga, Reflective Practice and Debriefing, Working with Families, and much much more...  
  • Advanced Business Skills To Grow Your Business. You'll be shown exactly how to attract and sign up new clients and build a successful and profitable business by women who have already done it. Training covers marketing, time management, networking, referrals, social media marketing and much more.  
  • Access to our live events, live calls and guest speaker events.  
  • 24/7 support via email, WhatsApp, phone and Skype. We also have a 24/7 emergency phone line with an experienced doula available at all times to help with emergency situations.
  • And much more...Download full info pack now.
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Why Join Our Mentorship Program

  • 1-on-1 and group support via email, phone, message.
  • Your dedicated experienced mentor will be carefully selected based on your goals, personality and beliefs to ensure you get the most out of the program.
  • Meet other new and experienced doulas near you and around the world through our online groups, forums and regular online meetings. 
  • Choose your elective subjects based on what you want to learn.
  • Self paced, flexible study and meetings to fit around your life.
  • Affordable monthly payment plans.
  • Expert guest speakers helping with motivation, mindset and specialist subjects such as nutrition, breastfeeding, self care, etc.
  • 24/7 support and emergency phone line with access to experienced mentors when you need them most.  

We Birth Doula Founders: Jacki Barker & Jennifer Hazi

WeBirth Doula Founders

Grow Your Business & Income

Connect With Other Doulas

Advance Your Skills & Knowledge

What do I get in the info pack?

The information pack will tell you everything you need to know about our mentorship program. You'll receive info on:

  • Mentorship program outline and certification requirements
  • Course fees, dates and what's included
  • Details on We Birth founders and expert teachers who'll be there for you anytime you need
  • Who is suitable to join the program and why
  • Online application form

If you have any questions about our mentorship program or would like to talk to us please call 0425 217 788 or email mentorship@webirth.org


Doula Mentor Info Pack