Choosing to have a doula support you during your childbearing journey is a big decision.

Making sure you are matched with the right person can ensure you get the support that you need. 

At We Birth we believe that there is a doula for every woman and a woman for every doula. There are many places to find a doula to support you at various stages of your childbearing journey, So when you are searching We Birth it is important to know just what you will find. 

We Birth offers advanced training, education and mentorship to doulas around the world who value professionalism, education and continued professional and personal growth.

Guide to We Birth Doulas

Your guide to understanding the qualifications of doulas listed in this site.

We Birth Mentors and Senior Doulas.

We Birth

We Birth Senior Doulas and Mentors are experienced doulas who have undertaken continued and advanced education to further their skills and knowledge.

These doulas form part of the training and mentoring body of We Birth, supporting and educating newer doulas in their practice. 

We Birth Certified Doulas

We Birth Certified Doulas are the only doulas who have undertaken the We Birth Mentorship Program and are completely certified by We Birth. 

At a minimum We Birth Certified Doulas 

We Birth Certified Doulas are bound by We Birth Code of Ethics and Conduct, Hold current first aid and insurance, and appropriate Police Checks and Working with Children Checks.

Each doula brings specific skills and a unique perspective to their work, however, they consistently strive to offer their clients the absolute highest standard in caring, compassionate and respectful Doula support.

When you hire a We Birth Certified Doula You have the reassurance of knowing what to expect and they both you and they have networks of support to help you achieve your goals with kindness and respect.

  • Are Fully qualified doulas
  • Have completed a 12-month mentorship program under the guidance of an experienced Doula Mentor
  • Certificate in Doula Support for Obstetric and Neonatal Emergencies
  • Certificate in Breastfeeding Support
  • Reflective Practice for Doulas
  • Naturopathic Approaches for Doulas & Postnatal Naturopathic Philosophies
  • Birth Business & Marketing
  • A complex understanding of the maternity system and ho9 6e  6fxt6tfc

Certificate in Doula Support for Obstetric & Neonatal Emergencies

A doula who displays this badge has successfully completed advanced education in understanding the physiology, pathophysiology, and doula care for a range of emergency situations.

Doulas who have completed this education are confident in caring for families even with unintended outcomes, focusing on non-medical support for you and supporting maternity staff where appropriate. 

Displaying this badge alone does not indicate this doula is a We Birth Certified Doula

Certificate in Breastfeeding Support

Doulas with this certificate are confident to provide quality breastfeeding support for breastfeeding families.

A doula who displays this badge has successfully completed advanced education in breastfeeding initiation and support, including common concerns and variations as well as troubleshooting, breastfeeding difficulties, education and promotion for breastfeeding in addition to knowledge about how and when to make appropriate referrals.

(This certificate is not an indication that the bearer is a lactation consultant or qualifies health professional)

Displaying this badge alone does not indicate this doula is a We Birth Certified Doula

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