Who we are

We are a team of experienced doulas and midwives

We are mothers

We are feminists

We are childbirth educators

We are doula educators

We are birth activists

Our Passion

We are passionate that women have informed access to their birth choices

We believe birth rights are human rights

We believe hospital policies should reflect evidence-based research

We believe women should be the centre of care in hospitals, not insurance companies

We believe our maternity system needs revision

We believe in collaboration with other doulas and maternity care providers to improve birth outcomes

We believe together we are stronger and we actively build doula communities for support

We believe all women, regardless of culture, background, education, age or financial status should be able  to have access to a well-educated doula

We view birth as a rite of passage to motherhood

We believe all pregnant women should be supported and nurtured by their community

We believe in building a strong community committed to reducing birth morbidity and trauma

We believe in healing birth and by doing so the world will have less violence and sadness

Meet the team:

Jacki Barker

Jennifer Hazi

Bel Moore

Erika Elliott

Tanya Strusberg