Ethics and standards. Not the most glamorous topic. But it is important to know what drives us and this is a great way to know. We do have 2 particularly wordy documents that really outline the ethics and standards that underpin We Birth education and other events. This is a brief yet hopefully clear overview of what we stand for.

Our ethics and standards pertaining to the Doulas that we educate

A doula is hired to provide emotional, spiritual, physical and mental support to childbearing women and their families.

The woman and families personal needs and preferences are always the centre of the care provided by the doula.

The doula/woman relationship is a professional one, although deeply personal and connected. Boundaries are mutually decided by the woman and the doula and made clear at the commencement of the personal relationship.

The doula does not provide medical care or advice specific to the woman even if she has been trained to do so in a different capacity. Contracts between Doula and client must clarify this.

The doula may use other professional services in the service of the woman she cares for however is subject to the professional guidelines and codes of those professions.

Where possible doulas should take professional indemnity insurance.


What do you think? We really value feedback and we love connecting with heartfelt, passionate doulas all over. Feel free to drop us a line and let us know.

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