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Welcome to a community of people just like you, who love working in partnership with women to support them physically, emotionally and spiritually as they become mothers and build families.

We Birth is your community, where social and professional connections are made, and you are encouraged and supported to develop professionally in a holistic fashion. We believe a happy, fulfilled doula has opportunities for professional connections, personal growth,  business skill and knowledge, and increasing their knowledge base. 

As your experience grows your need for deep, engaging education increases – and we want to meet you there. We aim to provide interesting, topical and insightful education, training & reflective opportunities. We welcome any feedback, suggestions or questions and really love hearing from you and supporting you wherever you are. 

deep engaging education

We were recently asked who is We Birth? And we honestly answered it is all of us. You, her, us. All of us who work in this space alongside women and families. Fortunately, this We Birth community is made of such a variety of doulas and birth workers, from the least to the most experienced, over different countries, with different skills and passions. 

We sincerely believe that doulas and birth workers are in such a powerful position to assist women, babies and families to experience birth and early family life in the best possible way, whatever that means for them as an individual.  

We want to support you, as you support them.

xx jacki & jen

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  1. Andrea Van Deventer says:

    Hi lovelies, I’m a mum of 3 and have had the honour of assisting 368 women bring their babies earth 🌏 side. Super excited about learning more. 💖


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